Basic Course

In carrying consultancy, we promote parental work that respects the feelings of parents and children, that sensitively perceives their individual sitation, enhances parents´skills and encourages them in their parenthood.

Our most important objective is to strengthen the parent-child relationship.

Consultancy as we understand it therefore recquires the following pillars:

  • Consultancy requires preparation
  • Consultancy requires objectives
  • Consultancy requires attention and acceptance
  • Consultancy requires information and suggestions
  • Consultancy requires success

The first part of our training course aims at learning basic tying methods with the focus on teaching them. We understand that teaching is an art in itself. We will be learning methods which have proven to be successful in teaching young families. We will also experience the value of using professional teaching material as well as enlarging the personal repertoire of tying techniques.

We will be learning different Knot Techniques and using them for fun and cool Hip Carries. The Front Wrap Carry and the Elastic Wrap, together with the Kangauoo Technique, will keep us busy for one whole morning. You will learn a great step-by-step method for teaching the Back Carry on our third day together.

There will be time to explore serveral SSC and also learn about Babywearing history.

We do feel that learning and teaching a set of basic techniques thoroughly helps you to develop your personal teaching skills and makes you a true Babywearing consultant who can accompany parents on their personal learning path.

You will be learning safe and successful methods and structures for working with families that to babywear and we will bring out your very best attributes so that you can be successful in your activities.

Since the establishment of Die Trageschule® we have invested in research and are working closely together with our medical board. Learning about the medical background of Babywearing will be an important part of your education with us.

To make learning easier we have written a handbook which you will receive together with a picture manual, as well as your own Knotlearning Wrap and a Short Wrap that will become an important part of your very own set of teaching materials.

We have serveral publications on different topics related to Babywearing. Most of them are German but we are in the process of translating them into English.

Developing skills in writing concepts will be part of the training. By the end of the seminar you will have taken major steps in coming up with your very own concept for working with parents. We use intuitive methods as well as coaching methods to bring out the very best in you.

You will take your first steps in evaluating ypur own work with different methods that are both fun and productive. Via the use of coaching methods you will be learning coaching methods that will be helpful in any future work!

Networking and meeting is an important part of all of our training courses. Participants in our courses usually remain in contact and continue to help one another.

Ulrike Hoewer, trainer and owner of Die Trageschule®, is a trained lifecoach as well as a nurse and holds a Master in Philosophy with a major in family ethics and medical ethics. She has been working with young families for 20 years and is also a volunteer in Breastfeeding consultancy.

Since 1998, Ulrike Hoewer has trained more than 1500 Babywearing consultants all around the world in different countries and cultures. She is the mentor and trainer of Die Trageschule® trainers in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, UK, Russia and the Netherlands.

Ulrike Hoewer has four children and lives in Dresden, a beautiful old baroque city in Germany.

Hope to meet you soon in one of our course!

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